Lucas Builders has the capability to handle a wide range of construction projects. We install storm drains, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, drainage systems, fire lines, electrical conduits, we also provide project site sound control systems and specialty metals services that include custom fencing, railings, fall protection system.  We can provide turnkey solutions from concept to construction if required.
At Lucas Builders, we handle everything from the simplest installation to the most complex transportation projects with the most experienced and dedicated field personnel in the underground construction industry. Most importantly, in everything we do we strive for excellence.
It takes a professional management team, supported by dedicated and experienced field personnel to earn the trust that equates successful completion of our projects. Customer service, quality performance, and value have established our reputation as a leading DBE Underground Contractor in the Southern California. Lucas Builders has completed a variety of jobs ranging from Sound Control Systems to Installation steel decking systems on light rail projects to park construction and public and private infrastructures.  We have the right equipment and the most competent workforce.
We are the predominant DBE underground contractor in the southern California marketplace that can provide a full range of services to meet your contract requirements because understand the requirements of our clients and the need to meet the contractual requirements. At Lucas Builders we can provide a wide range service to four fill the changing DBE requirements and we are here to provide bona fide services that deliver value to our clients.
It is our versatility that differentiates us from any other DBE Engineering contractor.

At Lucas Builders, “Good Enough” is not good enough.