“There is NO business objective that is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety.”
Safety starts at the top and under the direction of our leaders we can always know what the right decision looks like. Our employees are our greatest asset. Our well-being as well as the well-being of our projects, clients, the public and the environment are the driving force behind the constant improvement of our safety processes. There is NO compromise on safety!
Our projects are made safe by the constant attention and dedication of our employees on site and the programs that support them. Planning, communication, execution and monitoring are the cornerstones that make the projects run safely.
“Construction is hazardous. How it is done makes it safe or dangerous.”
Construction doesn’t have to be dangerous. Our focus on partnering with our clients has helped us to eliminate hazards and provide a safer workplace. Focusing on leading indicators helps us to recognize, and works to prevent, dangerous conditions and actions from existing. Our projects are planned with safety in mind. They are broken down into steps, each hazard is addressed in the step and then mitigation measures are put into place to eliminate the hazard.
All of our safety programs have been reviewed by OSHA: We go above and beyond what is compliant to what is best.